Our History and Vision

Our History


Promarket was established in 1989 to produce the first Beer Festival in Israel for "Mivshalot Habira", the brewers of the famous Israeli 'Maccabee' beer. Twenty festivals nationwide with the main one in Tel-Aviv were the beginning of a long and fruitful path leading to the top of the Israeli marketing world.  Nowadays, Promarket leads  a new marketing era in which changing consumer opinion is not done solely via conventional advertising.  


Since our inception, we have initiated, created and produced hundreds of projects. We have had the privilege to be partners in solidifying the market penetration of  many leading brands into the Israeli market including Carlsberg, Tuborg, Toys R Us, Ace, Ikea, McDonalds, Nestle, Strauss, Lucky Strike, Emi, Yoplait and many others.


Partnerships with the best leading brands has made Promarket what it is today: a marketing agency that thinks and operates differently. It brings its brands and clients unprecedented results. Starting as a sales promotions agency, Promarket has since expanded its services to become the biggest events producing company in Israel. New divisions including Visitors Centers, Direct marketing and Graphic Design were established,  and Promarket now has the tools to provide its clients and brands almost every marketing and branding technique known.


Promarket developed an innovative marketing perception, one that places the consumer in the center and builds its marketing activities around him to support his behavior towards brands. Promarket also introduced the Israeli market to new marketing concepts such as branded festivals, street events and multemedia displays as an anchor for company events - all of these where marketing breakthroughs at the time, all done in partnership with Promarket's clients.


Nowadays, as the a new marketing era has emerged, we once again instigate and reinvent new and creative ways to cope with marketing and consumerism changes.


Over the years, Promarket has become known as a marketing schooling insititute for young university graduates,  on their way to some of the most senior roles in the marketing world.


Our Vision


Along the years we created and pioneered breakthrough projects for our clients. The  main theme in our work is bringing the brand message to life in ways that will create memorable experiences with maximum impact. We are committed to creating a brand experience that will stimulate all the consumers senses, initiate interactions and make our consumers want to share their experiences with others.


People are our business. They  are the true reason we are in this business. The first step in our work process is getting under our target audiences' skin. We learn them, know them, analyze and process their habits in a mode that allows us to understand how they think and behave. For us, the definition of successful communication is an audience that develops emotions towards a brand until they are committed to it without feeling we annoyed him in any way.


We are not paid to be creative. We are paid to be effective. And we believe that creativity is the path to effectiveness.