Promarket Investments

Promarket Investments

In its 25 years of activity, Promarket has become the Israeli leader in the marketing field. Its ongoing activities and the special relationships that have evolved over the years with leading advertisers in Israel, have enabled Promarket to expand its offered services via partnerships in many initiatives and start-ups  the company is invested in. These initiatives have become an inseparable part of the services Promarket offers its clients.


Promarket Interactive

Promarket is a partner in an interactive  marketing and advertising company that offers content, promotions and experiential marketing in the digital world. Services include video productions, website building and social media campaigns.


Promarket Sale Power

Promarket establishes and manages sales departments for companies in Israel, including entirely managing all processes of recruitment, training, supervision and beyond.


Promarket Health Services

Promarket runs specialized promotional formations specializing in the medical arena fronting doctors and hospitals nationwide.


Promarket Premium Marketing

Promarket is partnered with a company that develops and manufactures premiums for the company's  clients and their customers.


Promarket Content Marketing

Promarket is partnered with a leading Content Marketing company in Israel.


Promarket Consulting

Promarket is partnered with a company that provides consulting services in the areas of marketing and sales to many clients in Israel.