Promarket Experiential Marketing

Promarket creates, produces and executes winning marketing moves for companies - sales, promotions, new product deployment and increasing brand penetration. Promarket also outsources and manages sales forces for field activities and sales campaigns, raffles and prizes.


Experiential marketing is one of the company's main areas of expertise - creating encounters for consumers so they can directly "feel" the brand and product, experience it in a pleasurable manner and identify with it. Promarket accomplishes this by utilizing pop-up stores, experiential activities at point of sale or public places, festivals, happenings and more. Promotions and experiential marketing have become powerful tools in building and strengthening brand power, putting forward the brand values in an incomparable manner.  


Another area of expertise is events and inside organization events - from company events through to incentive programs for employees.  


Alongside, Promarket also offers strategic consultation services for many of its clients. This means  all-year-round marketing guidance from the masterminds of experiential marketing, sitting in on yearly planning meetings and co-thinking creative, budget-specific moves.