Promarket Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE)

Promarket has vast experience spanning over years in producing and organizing conferences, conventions and exhibitions. To name a few: The Presidential Conference; university's Board of Trustees conventions; professional conferences in the fields of medicine, technology, health and others. With an experienced and trained team, computerized registration facilities, state-of-the-art reception, content management, welcoming attendants and professional technical crew - Promarket provides everything that is required for your next successful conference or convention.


Another area of expertise is the production and deployment of incentive travel worldwide. Whether it's excelling staff members, campaign or promotion winners, Promarket leads thousands of travelers each year on an exciting adventure with plentiful and unique content. Travel destinations can include: Thailand, Cuba, Mexico (Cancun), Moscow, Hong-Kong, Berlin, Austria, China, London, Miami, Jamaica, Sri-Lanka, Ireland, New-York, Las-Vegas and many others.