The power of an excellent conference experience lies in the perfect combination of elements that form together a truly meaningful experience. We have endless experience and very high reputation when it comes to conferences.
Just look at what we’ve managed to do in the last few years – Israel’s Presidential Conference, The Prime Minster’s Innovation Summit, the Globes Business Conferences , the Channel 2 Influencers Summit, and many others. You can count on us to cotrol all elements of your conference to perfection

International Summit

More than 2,000 developers, engineers, data scientists, AI and Deep Learning startups, and many more participated in Nvidia’s prestigious summit, one of the world’s most prominent companies.

The expo deployed dozens of booths, lectures and interactive experiences which displayed the latest innovations in smart mobility, healthcare, cyber security, smart cities, IOT and many more.


The annual event of the of the local authorities, Muni-expo, is the largest gathering of municipal and governmental decision makers in Israel.

In the recent expo, 8,000 senior executives from 257 local authorities, 400 companies and numerous municipal corporations participated in the event.

It is rather unusual to find the vast majority of Israeli municipal leadership under one roof, and this rare opportunity leads the way to an extraordinary experience of gathering, mutual learning and idea exchanging. The event is a fertile ground for innovation and business entrepreneurship and networking.

The Prime Minister’s
Israeli Innovation Summit


The Prime Minister’s Israeli Innovation Summit took place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on October 2018, and was initiated by the Ministry of Sports and Culture, with association to the Peres Peace and Innovation Center.  The conference hosted dozens of delegations from the US, China, Italy, France, Australia, UK, Korea, Mexico, Switzerland, Uganda, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Peru, Germany, and more. The conference focused around the topic of “Innovation for a Better World” and discussed the greatest contemporary challenges fir the world, innovative technological solutions, and the role of Israel as a driving force of innovation in leading the world to a better place. As part of the conference, the prime minister presented awards for exceptional innovation, and announced the launching of the Israeli Innovation Center by the Peres Center for Peace.



The Bynet technological company celebrated 70 years of Israeli technology along with Israel’s economy leaders in a huge tech expo, revealing Israel’s leading technological inventions.

The event included lectures and panels in 7 topics: education, army, cyber, government, trends, digital revolution, and public health.

The Influencers Summit
Channel 2 News

The Influencers Summit is the first large event to be hosted by the most successful news company in Israel.

The summit brings together senior ministers, top echelons of the Israeli security forces, law enforcement officials, leading entertainers and inspirational heroes to a day of exquisite panels and fascinating talks.

The summit offers a rare opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with the people who influence this country most, in a series of gripping panels, surprising confrontations and eye-opening lectures.

Israel Business Conference


2 conference days held in Jerusalem.
4 halls
160 speakers
4600 participants from all sectors of the business and economic spheres in Israel.
The event was attended by Israel’s Prime Minister, President, Ministers and elected officials, as well as Ramon Laguarte – CEO of World PepsiCo, Jeff Schwartz – former President of Timberland and Chairman of Maoz and many others.

TLV Conference

TechCrunch, one of the top technology media publishers in the world, arrived in Israel for the first time for a full-day conference with an additional exhibition of 150 startups in the heart of Tel Aviv.


Building the Future of Architecture

More than 4,000 participants from around the world attended the FIA festival and discussed trends, gadgets and innovation in architecture.
The event also included an exhibition of 50 booths which presented new developments and innovations in architecture, as well as an exciting awards ceremony which presented exclusive prizes to key figures in the industry.

The 13th Convention for Advanced Education

Who Wants to Be an Educator?

During Israel’s 70th anniversary, teachers and students from around the country gathered together to discuss the future of education in Israel.

May 1st Conference for Eliminating Wealth Gaps in Israeli Society

More than 5,000 participants came out to observe the fascinating panel with the participation of the secretary of Treasury , the chairman of the Workers’ Union, and the National Bank chancellor. The panel dealt with the question of promoting social equality in Israel.