From huge festivals and entertainment shows to product launches and festive company celebrations – we in Promarket never stop revolutionizing marketing events, and turning our client’s unique marketing strategy into an innovative and memorable exciting event.

The 70th Year of The Phoenix

An impressive and impactful evening of once in 70 years was in store for the 3,800 Phoenix employees and spouses in the Caesarea Amphitheatre.

The event included a hearty reception, and an appreciation ceremony for outstanding employees, with the presence of the company’s CEO and Mr. Yitzhak Tshuva. The event was hosted by the comedic trio Ma Kashur, while the very popular legendary singer Omer Adam performed a complete show which lasted well into the small hours of the night.

Elop Celebrates 80 Years!

We created a spectacular event for the 80th anniversary of Elop (Elbit Systems), which specializes in the development and manufacturing of electro-optic system for security purposes.

The event took place at the Tel-Aviv Expo pavilion 2, which was packed with 5,000 guests of the company. The evening’s host was Dany Kushmaro, who prefaced all senior managers’ end-of-the-year speeches, Yardena Arazi, who performed with the Elop singing group, and Avraham Tal, who performed the closing show of the event.



As part of Coca Cola’s summer project for teens, we’ve produced the biggest, craziest party. Only Coca Cola knows how to throw parties like these, with dozens of artists, concerts and experiences in one incredible night, dedicated to thousands of remarkable teenagers who took the time to volunteer and contribute to the community. The teens also participated in a draw for the chance to win a flight to a once in a lifetime journey in the US.  

Annual Clients Event

The Bank Leumi Business Division Annual Customer Event

We produce an exclusive event which ran 3 nights in a row in Expo 2 Tel Aviv, hosting leading businessmen in the Israeli market. On the menu: gourmet food, an extravagant feature staring Leumi’s senior managers, an emotional farewell from the leaving CEO Rakefet Russak-Aminoach, and an exclusive energizing concert with the one and only – Omer Adam.

Prigat - Camping in the Orchard

At Sukkot holiday, a magical camping site sprouted in the middle of an orchard, hosting families for 24 hours of outdoor fun.

For the launching of a new series of Prigat drinks, we’ve invited customers to participate in a draw to win a free night for the whole family in a tent in the orchard. The winners enjoyed various activities, such as: drumming circles, an outdoor circus, fruit sculpting workshops and a workshop for making Sukkah decorations. The camping area was furnished with lounge areas and board-games, served a good hearty meal, and hosted a unique show for children, produced exclusively for the event, an old-timey bonfire with singing around the fire, and treats like roasted potatoes and toasted marshmallows.

The Annual Bank HaPoalim Conference , 2014-2016

Bank Hapoalim’s Capital Market Conference was held over two days during the years 2014-2016, and hosted approx. 2,500 senior members of the Israeli economy.

The aim of the conference was to discuss the status of the Israeli economy and its interface with the international market. Promarket produced the main event of the year: ‘The Annual Capital Market Conference’, which took place at the David Intercontinental Hotel. In producing this event, Promarket was responsible for raising sponsorships, supplying graphic design services and handling the logistics of producing the event, including the following: hiring engineers, location selection, establishing a signing system, design and decoration, catering, managing ushers and stewards and so on.



As part of branding Bank Leumi as an innovative brand which supports all varieties of innovation, Promarket produced an event which is a celebration of innovation in art and music and which also featured fascinating talks. The combination of live art exhibitions, lectures, startups and musical performances in the museum courtyard created an exceptionally unforgettable night.