Participational experience marketing is one of the company’s main areas of expertise – creating encounters for consumers where they can emotionally participate in identifying with the product or brand through a pleasurable experience associated with it.

We accomplish this by operating pop-up stores, and coming up with special fun activities to do at sale points, public places, festivals, happenings and anywhere else.

Promotions and participational experience marketing are incredibly powerful tools in building and strengthening brand power, as it most efficiently conveys the brand’s set of values and beliefs to target audiences.


Filters come to live

An enormous  400 Sq. m. expo area,
an insane see-through truck, and a huge
Selfie stick at the end of the race!
Besides the race, the celebration also included 3 stimulating and exhilarating booths where phone filters came to life, joining hundreds of passers-by to the marathon celebration, with countless selfies shared over social media networks.

Elevator Pitch

Introducing new marketing language, Mars, 2017

Orbit changed their marketing language, and we went out to spread the new slogan – Time to Shine – in a brilliant campaign. We created an Orbit branded elevator in the Azrieli mall, put cameras in it, and asked people to come pitch us their great ideas through a 30-floor elevator ride. The three participants with the most brilliant ideas were awarded with seed money to help make their ideas a reality. 

The World’s First Beer

When a huge brand like Carlsberg does the unbelievable and manages to recreate its first lager beer from the year 1883, something incredible must happen.

We knew we had to create something exceptional, innovative and fascinating in order to announce this awesome achievement, and that is how this project started. A gigantic three-day event focused on beer, theatre, music, fantasy, history and lots of magic. The event featured live theatre with 14 actors, opera singers, insane Danish music (with a pianist and saxophone player performing live), historical outfits, amazing authentic scenery, energizing lighting and many more elements which conveyed the history of Carlsberg  in a unique and exciting way. And that’s not all, the highlight of the event was the making, and tasting, of the original beer from 1883.


What could possibly be better than a warm Emek Cheese panini? How about designates escalators that lead you straight to it?

Promarket created an on-field marketing stunt for Emek Tnuva. A unique experience that combined strong brand appearance and awareness, an alluring sense of food appeal and a mouthwatering tasting experience of hot Emek paninis.

Nespresso Inissia
Made in Color

Nespresso launched the new Inissia coffee machine in a range of magnificent colors. Promarket produced a festive launch in the theme of Made in Color

A long convoy of branded Audi vehicles painted in the colors available for the Inissia coffee machine. The convoy toured crowded sites in Tel Aviv, such as the university and the Dizengoff Center Mall, and treated passers-by with wonderful luxurious coffee samples to sprinkle their day with color.

Physical Tasting Activity

Rebranding and Introducing a New Recipe, Ossem, 2018

This is the way to get people to experiment with new Fitness products and at the same time strengthen the brand: We set up tasting stations in train stops and in Tel Aviv’s food festival EAT. Alongside tasting, we encouraged the tasters to take a photo with our special app, which appeared on a big screen to the sound of enthusiastic cheers. The photos were also shared on social media, and got 300,000 views.

Boost TLV


As part of sponsoring the Tel Aviv Marathon, Promarket built and operated a unique pop-up store exclusively for the event. The store allowed the marathon participants to try on a variety of Adidas shoes, and purchase shoes and other Adidas branded accessories for a special price. The shop operated for two weeks before the marathon, and was visited by over 40,000 people.

Recycling Store

Coca Cola Launched a “Reuse-Recycle” concept pop-up store, featuring trendy products such as fashion items, stationery and jewelry - all produced from Coca-Cola packaging, bottles and cans.

The recycled items were displayed in an exhibition, in which some were offered for sale. Visitors in the store were encouraged to bring their own bottles and cans for recycling in the store. For each recyclable item, visitors received store cash in return, to be used for purchasing recycled products in the pop-up store.

Smart Home

How did we launch and expose a vast audience to the new smart system by Bezeq, the largest communications company in Israel?

Easily, we teamed up with Ikea, the renowned home furnishing company, and set up a model of a fully furnished house, equipped with the smartest and most innovative technological solution supplied by leading companies in the field.Visitors got a chance to try it out and experience what it was like to live in the smartest home in Israel.

Ben Gurion Airport
Passenger Experience

Year after year, the amount of outbound and inbound tourism in Ben Gurion grows exponentially.

As the number of flights continues to increase, the airport queues lengthen, the people’s patience lessens, and the stay in the terminal stretches for hours on end. Ben Gurion wanted to go above and beyond for their passengers and create a more pleasant flying experience so that’s what we did for them…4 times in a one year!!

MasterCard as Main Sponsors in UEFA Champions League - 2018

As the main sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, MasterCard decided to treat its customers with tickets to the finals in the greatest seats in the stadium, for a special exclusive price.

We created a soccer celebration with the BIG shopping mall chain across the country, where we placed enormous cases full of hundreds of soccer balls, giving MasterCard holder the opportunity to guess the number of balls for a chance to win tickets to the finals.


The HaBima theatre has seen its fair share of plays, but what played out on the Tel Aviv All-nighter Party in June 2015 was a rather rare spectacle.

A marvelously dazzling video-mapping show of the Yolo brand was produced by Promarket, and aroused the curiosity of thousands of people.


Can you run as fast as Kipchoge, the Olympic champion and world record holder in the marathon?

That’s how we challenged the participants of the Tel Aviv marathon, sponsored by Nike. The runners were invited to Dizengoff Center’s Fast Lab where they attempted to run in Kipchoge’s average running speed of 21 KM per hour, for a chance to win a pair of Air Zoom Vaporfly 4% Nike running shoes.