Promarket is proud to take part in unique project or events that offer significant added value to consumers, communities or the whole world.

Whether it is a social and cultural issue, raising awareness to a cause or giving back to the community – we will always be happy to participate and help our clients in making the world a better place


One of the peak moments in the history of Promarket was in May 2019, when we got the chance to serve as a production company for the Eurovision, on behalf of the Israeli public broadcasting company "Kan", and for the European broadcasting association EBU.

For this unique production, Promarket recruited hundreds of professionals from all fields – cameramen and TV production crews, producers and production assistants – which constituted the event’s on-site production team. Promarket managed all transportation arrangements for the international delegations, and operated all logistical production, starting from providing food for the thousands of participants and delegation, and ending with constructing the different areas in the Tel Aviv Expo.
For Promarket, this was a proof of concept for its professional abilities, as well as a rare opportunity to be a senior partner in one of Israel’s largest worldwide events, which later on received praises from all around the world, and brought honor to the country.

Israel’s Reading Month 2018-2019

Ministry of Culture and Sports

The Reading Month is a project initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The project stemmed from the need to make books in Hebrew more accessible to the general public. The month’s activities included the chance for the general public to host an intimate evenings with Israeli writers and poets in their home, and encounter Israeli artists and their works We set up a designated registration site, through which we hosted 480 intimate evenings with artists in homes across the country, alongside 20 public communal events in one month.

Israel Airport Authority

None of the landers expected what we prepared for them...

An incredible massive flash mob at the airport terminal with more than 60 dancers and acrobats.

Oral B

A Tooth Brush for Every Child

The World Health Organization figures show that 50% of Israeli children in third grade have numerous cavities. Trade unions including the Israeli Gum Association highly recommend electric toothbrushes as the optimal solution for this gum health problem. To address these pressing issue, Oral-B launched exclusively in Israel, an electric toothbrush for children in a special (and affordable) brushing kit. This amazing kit includes a fun and educational children’s book about the importance of brushing your teeth,  also specifying the correct way to do so with the help of their new electric brush. Since the launch, more than 70,000 children in Israel started using an electric toothbrush regularly.

Israel Rail – Live Music at the Train Station

Israel’s national rail company wanted to launch a project that puts forward their contribution to Israel’s economy and culture. So, we created a unique social project that helps music professionals get recognition by receiving a free platform to perform at.

As part of the activity, musicians played various instruments at train stations and platforms nationwide. The activity took place at 35 stations across Israel.

INCLUDAY Intel Israel Diversity & Inclusion Conference

One thousand Intel executives and employees were invited to an enriching, educating and illuminating day dedicated to learning more about inclusion and diversity.

Intel is known as an engine of innovation that gives back so much to the Israeli community. As such a pivotal force in Israeli economy, the company takes another step forward into the future by thoroughly educating its executives to take steps towards more inclusion and diversity in the work place. News anchor Shibel Carmi Mansour hosted the event professionally and sensitively. The event also featured guest lectures by Sivan Rahav Meir, Brahno Tagania, Rim Yunis and Hana Radu and many others, alongside workshops in collaboration with the Paligo Theater. The conference was concluded with a spectacular show by Eurovision winner Neta Barzilai.

Israel Rails’ Politeness Patrol

How do you raise awareness for unwanted behaviors on the train, and turn the train ride into a pleasurable experience for everyone?

We’ve created a theatrical PR campaign to properly explain the appropriate code of conduct on the train, via a series of do’s and don’ts scenarios played out by actors. The project was backed by an enormous branding project across all train platforms.

Train Stations Give-and-Take Public Libraries

In order to bring added cultural value to passengers of the Israeli train, we launched the Give-and-Take Train Station Public Libraries.

We encouraged passengers to donate their used books, and created over 20 public libraries across the country, where passengers can participate in exchanging book across train stations. We also added book donation boxes across all train stations. The project was revered and celebrated on social media.