With 20 years of experience, Promarket’s Retail Marketing Division specializes in building a unique and original retail experience in sale points, which in turn makes for increased sales and stronger brands.

The division is in charge of strategical planning, creative services and the comprehensive production of all aspects of the sale points. This is made possible thanks to its staggering variety of professionals, from analysts and planners to designers, writers and producers. Together, we build appearance strategies in order to create wholly branded sale points that creates a dazzling branded shopping experience for customers, increases sales and strengthens the brand power and awareness.

The importance of this division is even more significant today, when sale points suffer ruthless competition. Product become more similar, and the competition can be easily reduced to one based solely on the lowest bid. But our experience engineers and planners in Promarket have the knowledge, experience and ability to elevate the competition. By turning your brand into a series of empowering experiences.

Over the last 10 years, Promarket’s retail marketing division managed the brand experience of all product lines by Procter & Gamble, and the retail experience in all Nike stores in Israel, including complete production of sale point marketing campaigns and showcase design. The division’s professional experience also includes managing the sales floor experience at Shufersal and Club Market, and producing activities for Superfarm, Dinamica Cellular, Cellcom, Electra and many more.

Procter & Gamble

For 20 years, Promarket has been the sole retail marketer of the Procter & Gamble brands in Israel, in all aspects of it

Building and planning the presence in pharma stores, designing the appearance of selling points, arranging product presentation on the shelves, crafting stands, managing discounts and special sales, and many more. Procter & Gamble is one of the biggest corporations in the world for consumer goods, and its advances approach to retail marketing turns every work day to a stimulating daily challenge: developing, innovating, surprising and creating the best campaigns and alluring esthetics on selling points.


Promarket is proud to manage global Nike's retail marketing in Nike shops across Israel.

part of the job, Promarket designs and manages campaigns and product launches in stores, produces unique exhibitions, designs marketing props on selling points, takes part in PR campaigns, and more.