From the Tnuva’s visitor center (Israel largest food manufacturer), to the National Electric Corporation’s new visitor center – Promarket Group and our teams of experience engineers have planed, designed, built and produced dozens of visitor centers. All visitor centers experiences are designed to deliver the brand values and marketing messages in a unique, engaging and memorable way.

The Electric Company Visitor Center

The Electric Company's visitor center was planned, designed, and constructed by Promarket, and is one of the most innovative and advanced visitor centers in Israel.

The center, which construction was complete in 2018, offers an exciting digital experience in a huge 600 square meter space. As opposed to the conventional visitor center experience which offers personal digital screen stations, the Electric Company visitor center offers visitors the chance to step into a unique holistic virtual experience. Visitors go through an interactive hour where they learn about electricity production and transportation in Israel, while being engulfed by marvelous videos projecting all around them, on the walls and on an exceptional system of pneumatic spheres. In the heart of the visitor center, we built an exclusive IMAX movie theatre, where visitors engage in a thrilling simulation where they must stop hackers from cyber hacking into the Israeli power system, to complete the mission, they must join the Electric Company’s cyber fighters.


A Cooling Tower of Growth and Success

We transformed the Bazan cooling tower into a flourishing Garden, including a visitor center which illustrates the importance of Bazan to Israel’s economy.

The Hebrew University Exhibition

Israeli Presidential Conference

The Hebrew University displayed ground-breaking research and revolutionary discoveries via a sensory engaging, infographic form to the Israeli and international guests of the Presidential Conference.