Anywhere from London, Athens, Krakow, Thailand or Cuba – Promarket has operates across the globe in producing MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) for companies and clients from around the world.
Some of the services we provide worldwide:

Event production, Expo production, Sales conferences, Sales Kick off, Company vacations in various destinations, Incentive trips and more


Promarket works around the world directly with a selected network of experienced and professional vendors, and can directly produce unique experiences for your company, without third-party mediation all for the best prices in the market.


The North America Jewish Federation

The GA of the JFNA is held annually in North America and once every five years also takes place in Jerusalem Israel. The event is the annual conference of the Jewish Federations of North America and it is primarily aimed to strengthen the organization’s relationship with Israel. The event was a two-day conference, taking place at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, and an additional third day dedicated to sightseeing in Jerusalem. The sightseeing trip explored famous sites and numerous Jewish Federation study centers throughout the city. Over 3,00 participants from North America and Israel took part in the conference, participating in the three plenums and twenty three panels which were held over the course of the event. The participants enjoyed the impressive presentation of eight exhibitors from various fascinating topics that are held dear by the Jewish Federations.

The Genesis Prize Ceremony

In Cooperation with the State of Israel, JAFI and the Genesis Foundation

The Genesis Prize is an international initiative to strengthen the connection between the Jewish People throughout the world through shared cultural and spiritual values. This year, Michael Bloomberg was awarded a 1 million Dollar prize for his extraordinary achievements in public service, his work as one of the world’s largest philanthropists, his open support of Israel and his great pride in his Jewish identity. The event took place at the Jerusalem Theater and was attended by 500 people, including the Prime Minister, and hosted by Jay Leno and Ayelet Zorer, featuring performances by Rita, Yevgeni Kisin, the Tararam Group and many more. Service supplied by Promarket during the event: The production of an exclusive exhibition depicting the copious achievements and activities of the Genesis Foundation, the production of a press conference for the event, drafting a logistical plan for the entire event, constructing a complex stage, and providing technical services, such as setting up and managing sound and lighting systems, projectors, providing simultaneous translation, live broadcast on closed circuit TV and Channel 2, and many more.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Gala Event in the Tower of David

Celebrating 100 years of Knowledge

400 venerated guests and benefactors from all over the world attended a spectacular dinner and a show. The marvelous event also included an astounding video mapping installation projected on the walls of the David Tower, depicting the University’s past history, present and future.

Muni World Expo

Making Cities Smarter, One Giant Leap at a Time.

Muni World Expo is held during the annual Muni conference, a conference which aims to lead the revolution of smart cities, spreading it from Israel to the whole wide world. The Muni conference hosts representatives from over 80 countries, who are interested in learning more about smart cities and their tangible application in real life. The Muni Expo includes numerous panels and workshops, hosted by world leading cyber specialists, as well as a start-up hub aimed at networking and inducing partnerships between municipalities and hi-tech companies around the world.

Keren Hayesod

Annual Honorary Event

The Annual Honorary Event is a luxurious festive gala in Jerusalem, celebrating 70 years of Israeli achievements, with an impressive main stage and no less than 5 other stages surrounding it. The event was concluded with a touching award ceremony, with the participation of delegations from all around the world, and was honored by the presence of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the audience. We definitely managed to create an unforgettable night, full of extraordinary musical performances, moving speeches and festive celebrations.